Canon 1Dx evaluation day with Canon UK

We had the privilege of being invited by Canon to try the currently unreleased Canon 1Dx at a Karting centre in London. We arrived and were greeted with a table full of the finest lenses and with plenty of 1Dx bodies to go around we were not short of toys to play with. We had also brought along our 1Ds mk3 and Canon 5D3 to compare the 1Dx against.

After trying out the focusing, tracking and ISO capabilities I will say that anyone with a pre-order will not be disappointed, the 1Dx is a serious beast. Tracking the karts around the track was effortless for the 1Dx with entire series of shots in very sharp focus at 12fps.

On more than one occasion as the karts flew past where I was standing I’d sometimes be playing around with settings and then at the last-minute swing the 1Dx up to my eye, hit the focus and shoot. Normally I would be very surprised to even get one in focus being so flippant with my shooting style but the 1Dx was nearing super powers and I found that more often than not I would get a sharp well focused image, usually several in fact due to the speed of the camera.

Already owning the Canon 5D mk3 we were more accustomed to the new high iso capabilities of the new generation of Canon cameras and the 1Dx again is top of its game, changing how we’re going to be shooting certain aspects of work in the future.


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