Photography Training

Our photography training is for both beginner and seasoned professional alike. You might not even live in the UK, so instead, we can train via Skype or Facetime.

We train both groups and as one-2-one sessions. You can come to us for training (we are based in Manchester, UK) but we can also travel to you no matter where you are in the world. Get in touch using the contact page and we can talk through where you want to be with your photography and how we can help get you there.

Example areas of training:

  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced general photography training
  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced camera settings walk-through
  • Optimising your camera setup for your style of shooting
  • How to see a shot (this is a big multi-layered area involving combining technical and emotive aspects including understanding human behaviour)
  • Useful and specialist equipment to have
  • Techniques to make the most of any location
  • Working with available light and usually, the lack of it
  • Working with flash, multiple flash units, and remote flash
  • Working with light modifiers
  • Setting a mood with light
  • Combining ambient light and flash
  • Working with, dealing and fixing mixed lighting conditions
  • Posing couples and people
  • Organising equipment and keeping organised
  • Storing, organising and backing up files effectively for a fast, safe and non-destructive workflow
  • Setting up, configuring and using Lightroom to its greatest potential including little-known hints and tips
  • Setting up or upgrading your computer (including overclocking (CPU, RAM & GPU)), and software to facilitate your workflow
  • Lenses: What to use when, along with their strengths and weaknesses
  • How to really see colour, and then work with it
  • Black and white processing techniques
  • Branding and marketing your business
  • Setting up a website and blog, including SEO and best practices


Times and locations change depending on what we’re training on. For example, it’s not as easy to learn wireless flash at 1pm on a summer’s day so in this instance, we would change the times to suit conditions.



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  • atsede aemro-selassie (ms) - Your work is amazing!! And you are a runner too!! It’s a win win.
    I am a very amateur photographer who normally takes pictures of races (running)and family and got hooked on wedding photography after taking pictures at my brother’s wedding a year ago (not official photographer). I haven’t shot a wedding since but would love to get into it more which is why I am contacting you. I am not technically skilled but I love capturing special candid moments. I am currently living in NYC so wanted to check if you ever travel this way. I grew up in London and come to the UK about once a year so I could also come to you as well. I haven’t been great at organizing my pictures so have very little to show you.
    After reading what I just wrote I am realizing I am totally out of my league to even be emailing you. If nothing else I just wanted you to know your work is truly inspirational.

  • Henley - Hey Atsede,

    Send me a mail, I’m sure we can work something out!



  • Jennifer Bedlow - Henley, I cannot thank you enough for all of the learning, advice and inspiration that you have given me, all within just 5 hours of training. I have attended a number of one-day training courses run by other well-known wedding photographers but I can honestly say that the session with you has helped me the most. You were incredibly generous in sharing your thinking, passion and knowledge, and I never felt that you were holding back. It was great to be able to look through photographs I had taken and to get specific feedback and advice. By the end of the session you had helped me to see exactly what I need to do to progress my work and I now have a clear path to follow, which is invaluable. Thank you.

  • Louay Ziad - Kindly do you offer distance learning? Does it work?

  • Henley - Hi Louay,

    I do offer distance learning via Skype or Google Hangouts. If you get in touch using we can put something together.

  • Angel Dust Wedding Photography - Dear Henley,

    I am wondering when is your next training in 2015?

    Many Thanks,


  • Henley - Hi Imre,

    I do one to one training so it’s not set workshops. If you get in touch with me using we chat things through and come up with some custom training for you.




Based in Manchester, available UK and worldwide


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