River Cottage wedding with Kate and Josh

I arrived to a relaxed Kate, fresh and ready for the day ahead at a lovely cottage placed in the narrow streets of Lyme. The girls were full of life and laughter, chatting and getting ready with plenty of time before having to head over to RCHQ. After documenting for a while at the cottage, I made my way over to see Josh who was staying just down the road, and found him slightly less fresh, carefully working his way through a bacon sandwich and cup of tea.

Due to the night before maybe taking a slight toll on Josh, his groomsmen fired him up to get down to Lyme Regis beach, right by the famous cob to take a swim in the less than warm water to freshen up and knock some life back in to him. I stayed firmly on shore and photographed as the water shocked the life back in to him.

Once both parties were ready, they each made their way over to River Cottage for the ceremony. It was held by Josh’s mother who just happens to be a registrar.

Afterwards, it was out into the nearby River Cottage fields for garden games and canapés, including the famous River Cottage welly wanging. Kate’s bridesmaid also brought along a few other games for the guests to play.

The wedding breakfast (breakfeast?) was, as usual, superb. The River Cottage chefs being some of the best, they always serve up a mean dish and today was no exception. The freshly made lemon tart was amazing, I can tell you first hand.

Once everyone was suitably full and their cake cut, it was over to the Yurt for coffee and nibbles and then first dance and drinks! The evening band ‘The Hijackers‘ were really excellent, at one point a friend of Kate and Josh (who luckily is a singer himself) got up on stage and belted out a few songs.


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