Dillington House Wedding with Sarah and Nick

Sarah and Nick rarely get to see much of each other with Nick being in the Marines and away more often than not, and with Sarah running her own tea shop they’re never together for long. However, in the time they’ve had together they managed to put together a very grand yet elegant and beautiful wedding right in their quaint English home town of Illminster in Somerset. In fact, even the grand Minster church was just a few minutes walk away. This beautiful building has a lot of atmosphere and a really lovely feel. Dillington House, the reception location and another grand site only minutes from where they live was also superb.

Sarah has been running around Dillington House for a while now, not just because of the wedding but as she’s a keen runner, she uses the grounds as a place to train. With herds of deer, open grassland and beautiful oak trees we could both definitely see why Sarah would not only love running there but also bring their family and friends to celebrate the love for each other.

Seeing them on the day, it was great to watch and document them being able to just relax and unwind from their hectic lives as their day sailed along gathering speed, the formal photographs and speeches began to slip away and the reception rolled in like a tiger in a cattery. Sarah and Nick are no wall flowers, owning the dance floor with their fantastic ‘Great Balls of Fire’ first dance choice. With the dance floor heated up for their guests, the party got started and there were few that shied away.


Bride is seen getting her hair done in the hairdressersMilitary groom laughs as his best man inspects his jacket before the wedding ceremonyA Royal Marine is seen with his head bowed in front of old axes at Dillington House in IlminsterBride is seen behind her wedding dress which is hanging up in the foregroundBrides shoes are seen hanging from a light fitting with a window in the backgroundMother of the bride and bridesmaid help the bride into her dress before her wedding ceremonyBridesmaid is seen with only her legs showing under the brides wedding dressIlminster bride looks at her engagement ring and is reflected in a cabinet as she does so before her weddingBridesmaid adjusts the brides dress as she hugs her child bridesmaid who is too engrossed in the TV to hug her backThe back of the brides head is seen under her veilA guest is greeted at the door of The Minster Church by two ushers with wedding ceremony plan of the day sheetsMother of the bride gets emotional as she watches her new son in law stand at the altar in The Minster Church before his weddingA bride is led on the arm of her father down the aisle of The Minster Church in Ilminster as she smiles at guestsThe priest and groom look on as the bride reaches the end of the aisle at The Minster in Ilminster for her wedding ceremonyBride looks emotional as she reaches her soon to be husband at the altarBride looks emotional as the priest starts her wedding ceremony The backs of the bridal party are seen in the foreground as the priest is seen behind them conducting their wedding ceremonyBride and groom hold hands and laugh together during their wedding ceremonyThe bride, groom and priest are seen framed through the balcony of The Mister Church in IlminsterAn abstract photo of a couple getting married from the back of The Minster ChurchThe groom is seen signing his wedding register at the top left, while his wedding car is seen at the bottom right reflected in the glassA young flower girl reads from the order of service as the couple are seen blurred out behind herA young flower girl is seen with only her eyes looking over the wood panelling in churchA young boy is seen framed in the entrance of The Minster Church in Ilminster during a wedding ceremony where he is doing a readingBride and groom kneel during their wedding ceremony in Ilminsters Minster ChurchGlare from the stained windows surrounds a flower girl during a wedding in Ilminster's ancient Minster ChurchA priest blesses a couple at the end of their wedding ceremony as he declares them husband and wifeA bride and groom smile at their guests as they walk back down the aisle of The Minster Church in IlminsterA grandmother is seen contemplating whether to put a donation in the box being held by a smug pageboy at The Minster ChurchBride and groom get ready to head to Dillington House for their wedding reception in their vintage carMother of the bride and bridesmaid hold hands as they watch the bride and groom depart the church in their vintage wedding carPub patrons in Ilminster watch and take photos as a wedding couple drive past themBride smiles at the photographer as she drives into Dillington House for her wedding receptionWedding guests are seen out on the lawn through a window at Dillington House in Ilminster A young girl in a butterfly print dress is seen holding a butterfly while a girl behind her is scared of it at Dillington House in SomersetA flowergirl gets a strict telling off during a wedding at Dillington House in SomersetGroom is doing his wedding speech in the background of the photo, while a guest feeds a baby in the foregroundGuests look on as a guest takes an upset baby out the room during some wedding speeches at Dillington HouseA bride lovingly smiles at her new husband after his wedding speech at Dillington House in SomersetA bride looks on disapprovingly as the best man makes his speech at her wedding, the groom can be seen laughing in the background!A wedding guest laughs and holds her head in her hands while the best man does his speech at Dillington House in IlminsterA very graphic image of a best man doing his wedding speech silhouetted against the long windows at Dillington HouseA wine glass is seen held aloft as a wedding guest cheers the happy coupleWedding guests applaud and smile as the bride stands up to make a speech at her wedding at Dillington HouseThe bride is seen doing a speech while her guests are seen reflected in the glass of a picture on the wall at Dillington HouseBride holds a glass of champagne and looks emotional as she does her wedding speechWedding guests laugh and take photographs as the bride and groom cut their wedding cake with a military sword in the reception hall at Dillington House in SomersetThe two best men are seen downing shots at the bar in Dillington HouseThe bride is seen with her face off camera mid turn as she does an energetic first dance with her new husband at Dillington House in IlminsterVery colourful night photograph of a bride and groom silhouetted by flash with their wedding venue Dillington House lit up behind them

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  • Gary Greenwood - Really love this type of photography. Really powerful, a lot of style… awesome!

  • David Stubbs - Love your use of super wide shots! Which lens is that? Enjoyed looking through. 🙂


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