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As we only do a limited amount of weddings per year our blog tends to remain a little stagnant at times so we have decided to blog our outings and other general goings on in Lime Leaf world to hopefully give people more of an insight in to what we do, who we are and what we’re about. So, the first installment of this is an international wedding we covered in Barcelona, Spain.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with our favorite wedding cinematography team, FX Films, I occasionally help as a second video camera guy alongside Richard, the owner and creative genius at FX Films. On this occasion he asked if I could help film a wedding at the stunning venue of Palauet Cabanyes, Barcelona, Spain.

I took along my trusty Leica camera and a single fixed 50mm prime lens which I love using for general every day photography, the fixed lens makes you work for each shot and really think about your composition. I love the way of working the Leica gently asks you to use, like a paintbrush rather than a scalpel I find the Canons we use for weddings are like.

Whilst I was obviously there to film the wedding, with the Leica being small and unobtrusive meant it could hang around my neck and not interfere, and if/when I had a brief moment and saw a photo oppertunity, I could capture that moment quickly and easily.

On another note, working as a videographer usually means working alongside wedding photographers. Striking up and maintaining a professional working relationship is of the highest importance to ensure everyone gets the shots they need in order to deliver their promise to the couple. In order to do this, all parties have to have a real respect and treat each other as part of their own team. Myself and Richard met the photographers (all three!) in the Grooms parents house and quickly found that even with the language barrier (our spanish is not the best to put it mildly) and being 5 of us in total, we all meshed instantly. Our thanks to Roberto Ramos and his team, it was an absolute pleasure working with you all!

Overall, Barcelona was great fun, travelling with Richard is always a plus, so much so that we’re thinking of doing some mini travels around Europe together soon with photography in mind. Maybe this blog might even start filling up? Whilst Richard has always been a video man his talent for stills is evident, obviously carrying over from the video side so it should be a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoy the shots I got, I wished I could have taken more. Thanks for reading!


EDIT: Richard has just released the highlights clip of this wedding, you can see the magic he’s worked with our footage just by hitting play below!


Child at Gatwick airport kicked his shoes offOn an airplane flight, the man in front looks out of the window.Child in front of a painted wall at Barcelona airport.The bride having her hair done in la pelu de l'anna, Barcelona, Spain.Advertisement in the la pelu de l'anna, Barcelona, Spain hairdressers.Bride having her hair done at la pelu de l'anna, Barcelona, SpainBride in Hairdressers, la pelu de l'anna, Barcelona, Spain.Richard Wakefield, Roberto Ramos, his assistant, the hairdresser and Bride in la pelu de l'anna, Barcelona, Spain.Wedding Ceremony at the Palauet Cabanyes venue in Barcelona, Spain.Roberto Ramos's assistants in the Poppy fields, Palauet Cabanyes, Barcelona, Spain.Wedding couple in the poppy fields in Palauet Cabanyes, Barcelona, Spain.Wedding Photographers and bride, groom couple in the poppy fields in Palauet Cabanyes, Barcelona, Spain.Pianist playing on stage at the beautiful Palauet Cabanyes, Barcelona, Spain.Man with headphones and crowd at Barcelona Saints Station.Sleeping Spanish man with roses on the train near Barcelona Saints.Richard Wakefield looking out of the window at the airport in Barcelona, Spain.Richard Wakefield sleeping on seats at Barcelona Saints Airport.Richard Wakefield standing at airport window, photographing his reflection.People in the food court at Barcelona Saints Airport.Richard Wakefield walking along Gatwick with striped roof above.

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  • Richard W - I love these immensely! And considering you only did these very quickly inbetween filming and errr, travelling, then hats off!

    Here’s to our next set of travels! And who knows, we might even improve our Spanish, and go back to visit our new friend Roberto Ramos!


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