Having covered a few of BTP’s other cafés previously, I was asked to head up to Birmingham to shoot food photograph for their new dishes. I also headed over to another of their cafés nearby to shoot a few location photos there too. You can see some of my work on their homepage (as of April 2015) with more populating their brochures and marketing in general.


Around two and a half years ago myself and Laura photographed Lauren and Steve’s wedding in Wiltshire through our sister site limeleafweddings.com, and as with many marriages they tend to eventually end up as families. Cue Matilda, born just a few weeks ago, a healthy bundle of joy and source of lack of sleep for her rightly proud and doting parents. I popped over to take some very natural, documentary family photographs while they went about the typical tasks in their new chapter of life.

I wasn’t looking to capture just smiles, colourful toys or letter blocks spelling out her name. For most, the truth of life and raising a family is one of difficult times, stress, tiredness and uncertainty, done ultimately out of raw love. I look to concentrate on the reality and the emotions of life, so that in twenty years there’s no façade filter, the photos are a rich and deep reminder of those early days with their daughter. In this way, I hope to provide a thoughtful set of photos that are sensitive and personal family keepsakes. Photos that may be brought out at her own wedding to smiles and laughter of her friends (sorry Matilda!) but leave her parents reminiscing the realities of those early days together.

– Henley

Boston Tea Party asked that we photograph some of their drinks and also take a few shots of their cafe in Cheltenham.

The shoot took place at their Cheltenham cafe whilst it was open and serving customers. We used a few seats in the corner of the cafe to set up and control our lighting balanced with the large side windows.

Here’s a few from the shoot.

Boston Tea Party is a cool, individual and cosy café environment with each of their cafés having a unique style and feeling that has been lovingly crafted by the owners. We were asked to document two of their Cafés in Bristol, capturing the staff, customers and ambience of the locations. In addition to the documentary approach, some natural food photography was also on the cards.

The slideshow contains some example photography from the day.

Having photographed for the Duchy of Cornwall previously, we were asked to document HRH Prince Charles on the 20th anniversary of Poundbury town on the outskirts of Dorchester. The town is built according to the pioneering designs and ideals of  HRH Prince Charles, creating a town focused on pedestrians and cyclists rather than cars. The development started in 1993, and throughout the build, Prince Charles has been very closely involved in most aspects of the development, hence the importance of the day.

He visited in November to see the latest developments,  as well as attend a reception holding an exhibition celebrating the 20 years of the build and those involved. Below are a few of the moments of the event.