Barista coffee training at the Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis

The Town Mill Bakery are always looking forward, never resting on their laurels and as part of their continued progress, Rory from Origin Coffee visited and trained everyone at their Lyme Regis bakery in the art of making great coffee. The morning started with Rory explaining the complex world of coffee, from how humidity and temperature can affect coffee right though to grind size, tamping, water temperature and then on to milk and creating the perfect microfoam for lattes. I was there to document the morning, keeping out of everyones way but capturing everything for future internal training and also as marketing material.

Being that I’m massively in to coffee, I picked up a few tips from Rory and the first thing I did when I got back to the studio was to grind up some sweetshop from Squaremile and brew myself an Aeropress coffee, before sitting down to process the photos.

- Henley


Bakery Photography in Poundbury

‘Our Bakeries’ are reworking their lunch menu and asked us to come along and document the new menu being made and also the final dishes. They are to be used both for marketing and also internally so the other bakeries are able to see how each dish should look to keep standards high through all their bakeries.


This weekend we headed up to Somerset House in London, as we had been invited to London Fashion Week by Canon cameras. We photographed a show by designer Julien MacDonald and a trend fashion show with a view to getting a more documentary set of photos. We also got the opportunity to meet a few other photographers from all over the UK.

Before the show, we took some time to do ‘the tourist thing’ and head to some famous London landmarks such as The London Eye, 30 St Marys Axe (or ‘The Gherkin’ as it is affectionately known) and Big Ben for some street photography although with limited time before the show we didn’t get to spend as long as we would have liked, but no doubt will be back again soon.

A big thank you to Canon for giving us the chance to photograph something that would never be possible otherwise.

Fungi Futures Food/Product Photography

Fungi Futures make the UK’s first Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kit from waste coffee grounds – enabling anyone to easily grow their own fresh and delicious Gourmet Mushrooms at home in around 14 days. They have also just launched the GroCycle Project with their aim being to recycle 25 tonnes of coffee grounds in 2013!

They approached us to capture the mushrooms in various stages of growth and also to show the mushrooms in typical dishes. For the second part, we came up with the good old mushroom and egg on a nice fresh thick cut of toast. Needless to say, once we had finished photographing the ‘product’ didn’t last long.

A few photos below to show a summary of the project.

Salcombe Harbour Hotel Promotional Advertising Photos

We were contacted by Wildfire whose client, Salcombe Harbour Hotel, was after some teaser photos for the recent refurbishment to attract interest and bookings for their re-opening in August 2013.

The key image was to have boat styled to reflect the feel and style of Salcombe, styling was done by Holly Keeling.

Below are the ‘raw’ photos before Wildfire created their posters and literature from them.